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People Forum

Similing Team

People Forum

An organization is empowered when its people are empowered. We believe in empowering our people by giving them a platform to actively contribute to building the future of our company. This is a space where they can express their ideas, share their concerns and shape the future of Sai Creations together.


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R K Anand

  • R K Anand (Sai Creations)
Anita Anand.jpg

Anita Anand


  • Anita Anand (Sai Creations)
Rahul Anand.JPG

Director - Marketing & Strategies

Rahul Anand

  • Rahul Anand (Sai Creations)
Aakash Anand.JPG

Director - Operations

Aakash Anand

  • Aakash Anand (Sai Creations)
Shivani Anand.jpg

Director - International Business Development

Shivani Anand

  • Shivani Anand (Sai Creations)
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