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Fashion Illustrator

We are one of the few leading apparel manufacturers in India that offer a complete design solution to our clients. We have a team of extremely experienced international designers based out of five countries: Australia, India, Spain, UK and US. They prepare entire range concepts based on the latest global trends and as per the clients’ requirements. Clients can select designs directly from the collection made by our designers or send us their requirements and we will curate designs accordingly.  

Fashion Show

Global trend updates

Our design team keeps a close track of the latest global fashion trends across all the major seasons. We prepare monthly reports on the latest silhouettes, cuts, prints, patterns, colors, fabrics, finishes and more. We also study the fashion retail market of the major geographies around the world to derive insights on consumer behavior. We use these insights to come up with design collections that are trendy and have a high sale proposition in the corresponding market.

Monthly range design

Our team prepares monthly design collections based on our study of the latest trend updates around the globe. The design collections are shared with our clients on a timely basis. Our clients can directly pick all or a part of styles from these collections and place an order with us. Alternately, they can also request a fresh design collection to be made based on their unique requirements.

Fashion Designer Studio
Laptop with Fashion Sketch

Digital design approvals

Descriptive tech-packs with complete style details are shared with our clients digitally. With the inclusion of 3D virtual sampling technology (to be launched soon), design approval processes will go entirely digital. Both the client and our design team could collaborate online in real-time to make changes and approve designs.

Faster product development

With the add-on service of our design solution, our clients can develop products at a much faster pace. Monthly updated design collections and virtual sampling would save up to 60% time of the pre-production process enabling our clients to market their products at an unprecedented pace.

Clothes Hanging
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