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Pleated Fabric


Aligning our business to sustainable fashion is the prime focus of our company. And therefore, we are quickly integrating new technologies that will make our processes sustainable.

3D Virtual Sampling is also a step into that direction. It will help us to digitize the entire process of products development, thereby reducing the wastage that happens in the sampling process and making the entire process quick and environment-friendly.



3D virtual sampling enables to digitize the entire process of design creation and approval. It makes the process eco-friendly by reducing the wastage of material at the stage of product sampling by allowing the designers to simulate products on the 3D design software with remarkable accuracy. These digitally created virtual samples make the sampling process green by enabling designers to showcase products without cutting or sewing a piece of fabric.

Faster time-to-market

3D virtual sampling technology is capable of bringing the sample production time by up to 60% in comparison to the traditional method. Digitization allows designers to create and test multiple variations without investing too much on the resources or time. It brings in stupendous flexibility wherein clients can view and approve more number of styles in less time and can release products in the market faster.


True-to-life virtual samples

3D virtual sampling technology is so powerful that it can simulate samples with 95% accuracy. The detailing of the samples like appearance and fall of the fabric looks true-to-life. Designers can even test these digitally created samples on 3D avatars of human models of various body types, thus visualizing the product digitally without even creating an entire range of size-set samples.

Collaborate and co-create

This technology allows the design team to create digital collection over the cloud and share it with clients and other users in real-time.  Entire tech-packs could be shared over the cloud with them. The client could view the 3D virtual samples and work seamlessly with the design team to add any comment or request changes in the design all within the software itself.

Image credit: Optitex
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